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*NOW 2X WEEKLY* Body Sculpting w/ Missy Michels

July 17, 2019

11am-Noon weekly each Wednesday & Friday in the FEELING room. Body Sculpting; a weight bearing workout for all levels. We…

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Maharishi Ayurveda Marma Therapy w/ Dr. David Lee Sheng Tin

July 14, 2019

10:30am-Noon, Saturday, July 20th upstairs in the GATHERING room. In 2017 Maharishi Ayurveda Marma Therapy was introduced. It uses the…

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ART Therapy w/ Sharon Steffan

July 14, 2019

7-8:30pm, Tuesday, July 23 in the CREATING room. Explore a free flowing acrylic class with abstract, pour techniques. No brushes,…

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Total Body Scan w/ Bernie Beasley

July 13, 2019

11am-Noon, Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday in the FEELING room. This class describes how the Total Body Scan using the…

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Bhuumi, The Infinite Portal, Launch Party

July 12, 2019

Join us on Tuesday, July 27th 2019 7-8:30pm Come and help celebrate the launching of BHUUMI, the new internet revolution…

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Hypnosis, Regression & Healing Intensive Workshop w/ Allison & Will Brown

July 9, 2019

2-5pm, Saturday July 27th This is a FUNraiser to benefit the programs at bliss Spiritual Co-op with a $40 Suggested…

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Introduction to Christian Mysticism w/ Andrew Shykofsky

July 7, 2019

7-8:30pm, 1st & 3rd Monday in the KNOWING room. Christian Mysticism is an approach to spirituality which honors the Christian…

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Angel Guidance Workshop w/ Rachelle Grant

July 5, 2019

7-8:30pm, monthly the 1st Thursday AND 10-11:30am, monthly the 1st Saturday in the CONNECTING room.   What area of your life…

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Relationship Recovery Work w/ Diana Deaver

July 4, 2019

7-8:30pm Wednesday, July 10th in the CONNECTING room. Because we are raised by human beings who are imperfect, we all…

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Dog Training Academy w/ Allison Raymunt

June 25, 2019

10-11:30am, 2nd Saturday in July & August in the CONNECTING room. **This is an educational session for humans only.** Class…

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Growing & Selling Microgreens w/ Tim Shaw

June 10, 2019

6-7pm, 2nd & 4th Thursday in the TASTING room.  Discover the tasty health benefits of Microgreens and explore how simple…

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Full Moon Celebration at Backwoods Farms

June 2, 2019

Saturday, June 15th, 2pm – Sunday, June 16th, Noon Looking to get in tune with nature? Slow down?  Go inward?…

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Sound Darshan w/ Dammah Debbie Chisholm

May 30, 2019

11:30am-1pm, Saturday, June 15th in the FEELING room. Do you struggle with stress and/or meditation? Would you like to feel…

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Vinyasa Flow w/ Amy Gaffney

May 26, 2019

12:15-1:15pm, weekly Monday,  Vinyasa Flow in the FEELING room. An upbeat class designed to start the week with a midday pick-me-up…

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Serene Celestial Sound Sessions w/ Linda Leshay

May 23, 2019

7:15-8:15pm, Monthly on the 1st Monday of each month in the FEELING room. Enjoy an evening of Serene celestial sounds…

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Beginner Belly Dancing w/ Karen Inella

May 18, 2019

6-7pm Every 1st & 3rd Monday in the FEELING room. Beginner Belly Dancing; embrace the beauty of your unique shape, have…

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Controlling Behaviours w/ Diana Deaver

May 17, 2019

Wednesday, May 22nd 7-8:30pm in the CONNECTING room. We all have encountered control issues at one point or another in…

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Tanya Newton *NEW* Co-Facilitator for Weekly Monday Reiki Clinic

May 9, 2019

10:30am-Noon, weekly Monday upstairs in the HEALING & BEING rooms. Explore Energy Healing with Midge Moran & Tanya Newton in…

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An Invitation to Sing HU, A Love Song to God w/ Rachel Carnes

May 5, 2019

Noon-12:30pm monthly the 3rd Saturday, you are invited to try the simple spiritual exercise of HU. It has helped people of many…

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Weekly Monday Monday Reiki Clinic w/ Midge Moran & Tanya Newton

May 4, 2019

10:30-noon, weekly on Monday, Explore Energy Healing with Midge Moran & Tanya Newton in an open Reiki Clinic. What is…

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