Exploring 21st Century Priestesshood w/ Sarah Familar-Ragsdale

7-8:30pm, monthly the 2nd Monday evening in the KNOWING room.

Within the Soul of every woman, there is the promise of Priestesshood. Join Sarah Familar-Ragsdale for an open-hearted discussion about what it means to be a Priestess in a very modern world. It’s not just Full Moon ritual, flower crowns, and flowing dresses; Priestesshood is about service – to others, to your Self, to the world, and to the Divine. We will explore a new topic each month, as an invitation to step into your Priestess nature, and a celebration of your sacred embodiment of Divine Feminine energy.

We will conclude the evening with the 81 Goddesses meditation; a chanted call and response meditation. Drawing from a list of Goddesses, Matriarchs, Bodhisattvas and Teachers from 9 spiritual and cultural traditions as diverse as Christianity, Judaism, Indigenous North and South American cultures, Celtic, Greek, Roman, Hindu and African pantheons, and Buddhism, 81 Goddesses invites participants to connect with the energy of the Divine Feminine in all of Her forms.

So often, we approach the Divine with petitions and prayers for assistance; the heart of the 81 Goddesses practice is to offer praise and thanksgiving for the blessings we already have, and for the grace of Her love for us all. Participants often comment on feeling a sense of peace and connection to the Divine, as well as the people and world around them, after experiencing the meditation.

Sarah Familar-Ragsdale, sarah@elementallifecoach.com, is a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher, wedding officiant, writer, teacher, and ordained Priestess. She has served the Charleston spiritual community as a Priestess for nearly 20 years, creating workshops on meditation, energetic healing, and Earth-based spirituality, and leading hundreds of people through life affirming, and life changing, rituals. As co-creator of the 81 Goddesses devotion, Sarah has chanted the sacred names of the Divine Feminine for participants in the Southeastern United States, and shared the devotion via recording with women and men throughout the world.  To learn more about Sarah, visit ElementalLifeCoach.com.